Woodinville Repertory Theatre 2023 season – Angel Street {Gaslight} and These Shining Lives

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Plays, Theatre News

Following last season’s hugely successful production of Ghost-Writer, Woodinville Repertory Theatre is thrilled to announce its upcoming season, featuring two captivating productions that shed light on women’s health. In June the theatre will present “Angel Street,” followed by “These Shining Lives” in October. These productions will not only entertain audiences, but also raise awareness about issues that have affected women for decades.

“Angel Street,” originally known as “Gas Light,” is a psychological thriller about a woman gradually being driven insane by her husband. Suspenseful and riveting, it examines the impact of domestic abuse on women’s mental health and the challenges they face in seeking help. The production will be directed by well-known Woodinville producer and director, Hjalmer Anderson.

“These Shining Lives,” is a powerful and uplifting story about a group of women who work in a radium dial factory in the 1920s and suffer the devastating effects of radiation exposure. This production will highlight the importance of workplace safety, corporate responsibility, and the impact of hazardous working conditions on women’s health and the environment. The play will be directed by Juli Bacon, a talented director with a passion for raising awareness about important social issues as well as empowering women.

Woodinville Repertory Theatre is proud to offer our audiences these two unforgettable theatrical experiences and we are committed to presenting productions that not only entertain, but also educate and inspire.

Join us for this impactful and moving season! Book your tickets now!

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