WRT Presents – The Masked Actor

8 Masked Performers – Who’s Who?

Woodinville Rep is proud to bring you The Masked Actor. Eight talented actors are performing in disguise as 8 different masked characters, and we want you to guess who’s who. The actor who fools the most audience members wins a prize!

Each Friday, starting 3/19 and ending 4/9, we’ll be releasing two videos right here at woodinvillerep.org. 

Watch the video, look at the actors headshots and cast your vote for who you think each character is.

We’ll reveal the winner and unmask all the actors 4/19!

Voting is now live! Click here to watch the videos and vote!


WRT Presents Cheers to Selene, by Jim Moran – A Virtual New Play Reading

Join us April 10th at 6:00pm for a LIVE reading of the show

Click here to purchase a pay-what-you-can ticket and get a link to join the Zoom webinar reading!

In a post Covid-19 time, Alyssa and Jason invite friends over for a lovely late-summer weekend at their newly purchased cottage on Lopez Island.  With food, drink, merriment, and a hopeful spotting of a rare white orca, they hope to rekindle good times after the worst of times.  However, challenges arise due to a recent suicide attempt, a past relationship and the hosting couple having their own unresolved issues.  With the pandemic still in their wake, six friends attempt a process of healing that becomes more complicated than anticipated.

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