virtual season

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A contemporary reimagining of a Shakesperian classic, set in Woodinville!
This was WRT’s first multi-media virtual venture during the pandemic.

Cast & Crew;
DUKE THESEUS – Adrian Cerrato
HIPPOLYTA – Corey Lynn Alencio
EGEUS – Steven Sterne
HERMIA – Mari Cannon
DEMETRIUS – Nate McVicker
LYSANDER – Dylan Zucati
HELENA – Samantha Kalman
TITANIA – Melanie Workhoven
OBERON – Curt Simmons
PUCK – M J Daly
PEASEBLOSSOM – Elizabeth Alm
MUSTARDSEED – Valerie Ryan Miller
PETER QUINCE – Bjorn Whitney
BOTTOM – Sara Geiger
FLUTE – Ben Steitzer
SNOUT – Drew David Combs
SNUG – Gabriela Noble
STARVELING – Matthew Fisher
Director – Jane Ryan
Composer/Cameraman – Charlie Sandford
Designer/Costumer/Media Graphics – Chris Curino
Editor – Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
Location/Legal – Amanda Beckwith
Producer – Juli Bacon


Seven Nights Of Halloween

Seven spooky performances of haunting classics, folk tales and poems.

Cast & Crew;
Night 1 – Curt Simmons
Night 2 – Mari Cannon
Night 3 – Elizabeth Alm
Night 4 – Ben Steitzer
Night 5 – Laurel Anne White
Night 6 – Emma Wilkinson
Night 7 – Tony Leininger
Video Editor – Chris Curino 


‘Tis The Season: A Holiday Sampler 

This charming collection of short stories, poems, and music was curated and guided by veteran Seattle director Jeff Steitzer. 

Cast & Crew:
Antonio Mitchell
Ben Steitzer
Caitlin Francis
Curt Simmons
Elizabeth Alm
Keith Dahlgren
Tim Gouran

Director – Jeff Steitzer
Stage Manager/Zoom – Amanda Beckwith
Producer – Juli Bacon
Editor Mike Haze
Costumer – Chris Curino
Musical Director – Mark Anders


The Masked Actor

Eight talented actors performed pieces from The Spoon River Anthology in disguise as 8 different masked characters, and our audience got to guess who’s who. The actor who fooled the most audience members won a prize!  

Cast & Crew:
The Alien – Mira Goins
The Battle Captain – Daniel Rhovan
The Devil – Monique Aldred
The Mona Lisa – Julia Mounce
The Goldfish – Emma Wilkinson
The Wolf – Angeline Nguyen
The Ghoul – Mark Fox
Mrs. Frankenstein – MJ Daly

Video Editor – Chris Curino

Cheers To Selene By Jim Moran

In a post Covid-19 time, Alyssa and Jason invite friends over for a late-summer weekend at their newly purchased cottage on Lopez Island.  With food, drink, merriment, and a hopeful spotting of a rare white orca, they try to rekindle good times after the worst of times. 

Cast & Crew;
Lee Yang – Rory
Brian Pucheu – Jason
Kevin Lin – Caleb
Keiry Vida Valdez – Alyssa
Jesica Avellone – Valerie
Yena Han – Tisch

Jane Ryan – Director



Woodinville Repertory Theatre, P.O. Box 2003, Woodinville, WA 98072.



Thank you to 4Culture for their support of WRT!

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