Playwriting Course

Writing the 10-Minute Play

Ten-minute plays have become increasingly popular in the world of community theater. They also serve as an excellent starting point for writing a full-length play. Plus, they are easily staged as a fun activity with friends.

The Woodinville Repertory Theatre is thrilled to announce a new course, “Writing the 10-Minute Play,” taught by University of Washington Professor Emeritus David K. Farkas. The course is relaxed and fun, but delves deeply into the construction of the 10-minute play.

Total course time: 16 hours.

Sundays 10am – 12pm, March 17 – May 19 

The course includes at least one reading at a public venue and one rehearsal.

All class materials will be provided.

The reading assignments will be drawn from the beta version of Dave’s new book, Writing the 10-Minute Play. All reading assignments will be distributed prior to the course as digital files.

Professor David K. Farkas

Dave was raised in Manhattan and the New Jersey suburbs and has been a theatergoer (initially Broadway musicals) since he was 7 years old. He holds a Ph.D. in Language and Literature from the University of Minnesota and has a special interest in Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. He enjoyed a long career as a writing teacher, primarily technical writing and information design, at the University of Washington. This academic focus enables Dave to blend an analytical, problem-solving approach to playwriting with the more traditional creative-writing and theater-arts approaches.

In 2019, Dave and Jean Farkas organized the Goat Hill Theater, centered in Lake Forest Park, WA. This is a very informal theater group that specializes in 10-minute plays. The Goat Hill group was delighted to perform at this year’s Woodinville Winterfest.

Dave has previously published, as print and digital Kindle books, two collections of 10- minute plays and a guide to performing 10-minute plays with friends as a recreational activity.