Rest, Refresh and Revisit…GO!

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I’m ready! Bring on tech week–I will eat my Wheaties, gets some rest, and refresh and revisit our vision for Almost, Maine. 

We are dangerously near Opening Night ready! Now we’re down to fine-tuning and obsessing about details. This is my calling–picking at details, driving cast and crew crazy, nagging where there is nothing to nag at. (Sorry for ending in a preposition–some times correct grammar doesn’t have the same edge.)

I wish we could have the Super Bowl ribbon across the stage entrance so our cast could break through and triumphantly enter! Let’s take it to the streets!

Ok . . . now I will calm down. But, it’s so difficult to be calm when you know you have a stellar performance to offer the community. Don’t miss your very own theatre: free parking; you don’t have to cross a toll bridge; there are amazingly good restaurants on the east side–and I would babysit your kids if I could so you can be entertained, inspired, and touched . . .

See you at the theatre ~


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