Next Steps in the Rehearsal Process…from Andrew Carr

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Andrew CarrI have script just about completely memorized and the show is blocked (actor speak for knowing where I’m suppose be onstage at any given point in the show). Now comes the fun part: running through and polishing it. It’s always my favorite part of the rehearsal process, because it’s when the characters start to take on their own unique identities. This show presents a real challenge because there are so many identifies to flesh out (and keep straight); but that makes it all the more fun. Some of the character development is already starting to come together. For some reason, the two females characters that I portray (Bertha and Pearl) have been the easiest ones to forge. I’m not even going to venture a guess as to why.

This week also begins the challenge of working on the numerous quick (costume) changes that Chazz and I undertake. The goal is them to appear seamless to the audience, but getting to that point is going to require choreography akin to a musical theatre production.

Stay tuned….

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