Ready, Set… from Andrew Carr

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NOTE:  Andrew Carr wrote this just before opening night. Ready, set…. We’re ready for an audience. As characters Thurston Wheelis & Arles Struvie say, “Come oooon out!” It’s been an enjoyable rehearsal process, but now the fun begins when the most important ingredient in theatre is added: an audience. Those who have never worked on a theatre production might not realize the dimension that an audience adds. I’m not referring simply to bodies occupying seats; I’m talking...

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Next Steps in the Rehearsal Process…from Andrew Carr

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I have script just about completely memorized and the show is blocked (actor speak for knowing where I’m suppose be onstage at any given point in the show). Now comes the fun part: running through and polishing it. It’s always my favorite part of the rehearsal process, because it’s when the characters start to take on their own unique identities. This show presents a real challenge because there are so many identifies to flesh out (and keep straight); but that makes it all...

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Meet the Actor: Andrew Carr

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As I sit here running lines (actor speak for memorizing the script) for Act II of Greater Tuna, I reflect on the three decades since I first stepped on a stage. I caught the acting bug in 1979 as a freshman at St. Charles Preparatory School in Columbus, Ohio.  It was a special place: three shows a year, high production values, and a director, Doug Montgomery, who expected high professional standards from his student actors. Those years provided me with a strong foundation...

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